Truckload Deliveries & Multi Picks

Our fleet of late model 53' air-ride, Themal Cube refrigerated trailers is equipped with Thermo King smart refrigerated units and Qualcomm tracking. Qualcomm tracking is a satellite navigation tool for vehicle location. (Internet GPS) Star Trak Temperature Monitoring Systems is a device installed in our trailers that monitors the temperature settings along with the inside trailer temperature. Both can be monitored and controlled through the internet by our dispatch staff to ensure the integrity of even the most sensitive cargo.

Another great advantage is our trailer design. All have door height openings of 109.5 inches which means your lift trucks don't have to run over the boxes that used to fall as they now stay on the pallet due to this height; the width opening is 98.5 inches so pallets side by side can be loaded easily and quickly without rubbing the rails or sides of the trailer preventing damage to the product. And lastly the interior usable cube is in excess of 3,200 on a refrigerated floor load, 3,500 cubes on a dry floor load and 3,000 cubes on a refrigerated pallet load. Compare this with most refrigerated trailers calculates to a bunch more usable space for free. Now how is that for a refrigerated trailer that can scale 44,500 pounds?

Knowing when your product is going to arrive assures you can schedule your crews for minimal down time knowing the arrival time far in advance.

Team driven, new trailers, new tractors, more space, on time deliveries what else can we do for you?

Please feel free to contact us should you require further information about our floral distribution services.