At Florida Beauty, we understand logistics and exercise its practice in a precision manner in all of our dealings. We are constantly working to ensure the ultimate in product care, customer service and personnel retention.

Our Floral logistics services provide:

  • Customer brokerage
  • Fumigation under PPQ supervision (Plant Protection and Quarantine)
  • Cold storage, precooling and distribution to all established trucking companies
  • Warehousing, order pulling, inventory control and labeling of boxes
  • Routine pick up in a timely manner with refrigerated trucks at all airlines


The aspect of military operations that deals with the procurement, distribution, maintenance, and replacement of materiel and personnel. The management of the details of an operation.

Investopedia Says:
This term originated in a military context, referring to how personnel acquire, transport and store supplies and equipment. In the business community, the term is used to refer to how resources are acquired, transported and stored along the supply chain. By having an efficient supply chain and proper logistical procedures, a company can cut costs and increase efficiency.

Contact one of our logistics specialists to see how we can assist you in your floral operation.