• Gather information regarding trucks’ pick-up/delivery information using rate con sheets
  • Follow-up on trucks’ location, pick up/delivery statuses and temperatures
  • Communicate with drivers via phone and text to relay information and confirm the reception of information
  • Route trucks in the event of breakdowns
  • Communicate with brokers to let them know all pertinent information regarding delivery of their load (including driver name, phone number, any issues with delivery)
  • Monitor trucks to ensure they are travelling
  • Record and maintain files of pick-up/delivery information, communications with brokers, truck breakdowns, expenses , and proofs of deliveries
  • Communicate information needed for redeliveries to the yard
  • Communicate with California site to ensure enough trucks are available for outbound flowers
  • Update empty list as needed
  • Update morning dispatchers on trucks that have gone out for deliveries Negotiate with drivers on where to pick up the next loads

Billing Specialist

  • Record shipment data such as shipper name, receiver name, and cubic measurements from paper receipt onto computer.
  • Scan the bills of lading onto the computer to e-file. Oversee yard mechanic operations.
  • Sort the bills of lading in alphabetical order and group each customer together.
  • Print out a manifest for each customer and check each bill of loading to ensure that it matches with manifest.
  • Cross doc data by loading trailers.
  • Print final manifest to be faxed or emailed to customer.
  • Finalize route by giving driver the complying driver packet.
  • Notify customers of what they are receiving and arrange for delivery.
  • Send the complete amount of trip sheets that left that night and keep records of all good shipped, received, and stored.