Truckload Deliveries & Multi Picks

25 years ago Florida Beauty began its transportation operation to handle LTL and consolidation basically for floral product. They did this reasonably and expertly. For all those years truckloads did not interest them so they did not competitively bid.

Then along came some experts within the industry that began re-inventing their brokerage division called Chilling Resources. Chilling specializes in truckload deliveries & multi picks to one location or picks from one location to multi stops. Its name is new but its employees are old time truck people that are well known in the industry.

Mike Rogers and Joe Vargo were the first to join this elite group of highly experienced individuals that still believe the customer is always right and deserves to be treated with respect, dignity, honor and reasonable rates following in the belief of Florida Beauty.

All equipment is pre-tripped, clean, late model, teams or singles, most traceable by satellite, updates as requested and everything in between. Oh, and we have never failed to cover any loads during the crucial Holiday seasons. One of our strengths is during the two floral holiday Seasons; Valentine's and Mothers' Day. We know the most critical investments in time and money floral companies make are during these periods so we in turn understand the importance of covering all the loads offered from our regular accounts.

Once you become a regular account of Florida Beauty you will never have to worry about a truck shortage during these holidays.

We expect Chilling Resources to grow rapidly due to its solid backing from Florida Beauty where you may find their trucks on Chilling's loads. We don't plan to be the biggest just the best mirroring our previous experience.

CONTACTS: 305 503-2556 - Local
  877 535-2191 - Toll Free
  305 503-2567 - Fax
Please feel free to contact us should you require further information about our floral distribution services.